We migrated from Medium to Ghost

We migrated from Medium to Ghost

When we launched IronMic back in August 2018, we looked at different blogging platforms. During the lead-up to the launch, we didn't want to think about setting up a blog on a server, styling a blog, or maintaining it long term. Some of these decisions were based on not wanted to increase our costs but also us working on adding the final touches to an MVP a few weeks before our official launch. We ended up placing our blog on Medium since the platform had a thriving community and many other startups had their blogs hosted on the platform.

Now, as we are working increasingly harder on marketing and communication with our customers, we rethought where we needed to host our blog. We decided to leave Medium for a few reasons.

First, Medium has had a rocky few months and is less appealing as they've struggled to make their business work. Then Hackernoon announced they were leaving Medium for their own hosting platform. At the same time, Medium started hiding more and more article behind paywalls. On top of that, Medium was pushing their app on the top of the screen, displaying cookie warnings on the bottom, and behind all of that was the content.

Second, we understand how important SEO is for any online business. I not only work with search engine optimization daily, but I've also seen the success you can have from blogging and optimizing the content properly. Hosting our blog on Medium meant we lost a lot of the SEO value from having a blog and we needed to get traffic from more than one avenue.

Ghost Admin from Ghost.org

Where we landed is with Ghost. I use the Ghost blog for my personal site and have recommended it to other companies dozens of times now. Ghost felt a lot like the self-hosted version of Medium. It has the same clean editor, provides easy integrations with Unsplash, and comes with SEO tools baked in.

The biggest benefit to us is from being able to map our domain to the blog. While we have the blog on a subdomain, it's going to give us more opportunities to rank on Google. Plus, we can control the design and feel of the blog much more then what we could control on Medium.

In the end, Medium has become less popular because of the pay-wall, push to download their own app, and the lack of SEO for your brand. We are proud to use Ghost and will continue publishing updates about features and share tips & tricks on this blog.

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