Search for your podcast on IronMic

Search for your podcast on IronMic

Search for your podcast instead of searching for your RSS Feed

We have made it a thousand times easier to search and find for your podcast when signing up. The first method we used was to have users search for their podcast RSS feed then put it into IronMic. Weโ€™d generate an automated podcast off this RSS feed. While we still use an RSS feed to influence the website, we donโ€™t require you to know what your RSS feed is or where to find it within your podcast host.

Now you can simply search for the name of your podcast to find and generate your website. The image above shows the search function where you type in the title, and your podcast will show up.

This means no one will have to try and find their RSS feed and then plug it into the site. Now, come, search, and generate your website.

Check out the new feature at and use code โ€œTENOFFโ€ for 10% off your first year of podcast hosting.