Podcast Hosts IronMic Recommends

Podcast Hosts IronMic Recommends

We believe free and simple podcast hosts will make podcasting like blogging once was

Starting a podcast as a part of a content marketing strategy for your business or using a podcast as a business card? You need a podcast host. A place to store the audio files and a place to help you distribute your podcast. We do not save these audio files, nor do we help distribute your podcast on Apple Podcast, Spotify or other platforms. The reason we don’t host podcasts is we believe the best host out there is Anchor.

We Recommend Anchor

Anchor provides an entirely free platform to host, distribute and create podcasts. Not only has Anchor invested in their platform for the community, but they have also started rolling out extensive features around monetizing your podcast. Some of their other features include:

✅ Unlimited FREE hosting
✅ One-Click distribution
✅ Monetization tools
✅ Recording phone calls and friends
✅ Editing tools with iOS and Android
✅ Strong analytics

Anchor helps you monetize your podcast

The most significant selling point is the monetization tools they’ve been rolling out over the past few months. The first one they rolled out was the listener support model where people would subscribe to your podcast for a monthly donation. It’s a lot like Patreon or Twitch’s subscriber models. The newest monetization tools are the sponsorships (aka ads) for everyone on the platform. This tool allows you to make money for everyone who listens to your ads on Anchor but also any other podcasting player.

The biggest drawback to Anchor is the amount of branding that’s to the platform. Anchor by default adds pre-roll and post-roll ads promoting their platform and apps. Not only that but they do not offer any website or place to have contact information or have the ability to brand yourself.

IronMic can help you brand yourself more professionally without having to tie yourself directly to Anchor. The automated podcast website allows you to focus on the content and making money. We offer custom branding with a domain and the ability to remove the IronMic branding. Check out our serviceto see how we can help you make your Anchor podcast more professional.

Visit IronMic.Fm today and use code “TENOFF” for 10% off your yearly or monthly plan.