Listening to feedback from IronMic Customers

Listening to feedback from IronMic Customers

Listening to the community ensures we build features that help creators!

Since launch, we’ve been working on ironing out bugs and building out a roadmap. We’ve had the first handful of customers come, signup, and pay for a year of hosting with IronMic. We have yet to see any users sign up for the monthly plans, which is one of the reasons we will be lowering the price of the monthly to only $8 a month.

We found small bugs that prevented SSL on websites worked on keeping the servers balanced to avoid downtime and found a bug in the verification email. The bugs are all being fixed on a daily and weekly bases, with many of our new customers emailing and tweeting us when they encounter anything that looks out of the ordinary.

New Features

Beyond reporting bugs, users have also been suggesting features. One of the biggest suggestions is being able to turn the “powered by” logo on the bottom off. Even though we would love to continue growing through referrals, we understand that some podcasters want a show to be a brand without being tied to a platform or a host.

Beyond the “powered by” feature, which is a small tweak, we are building out a full roadmap that is heavily influenced by our users and partners. We are excited to build out a comprehensive roadmap with features that will make IronMic more customizable but also make it easier for creators to manage their websites. We have a handful of features including a bigger plan that’s tailored to creators who want more support and features that you may find with web development companies.

We are excited to embark on the next year, building features for podcast creators that matter. Thank you to everyone who is helping, and in the coming weeks, we will share our roadmap with the public and updates on the features we’ve added in!