IronMic v2 Summer Update

IronMic v2 Summer Update

We are over a year old now, with our first set of year customers renewing their subscriptions. It's an exciting time but also one that is driving us forward. We know we have hit a significant milestone, one that many other startups don't hit. We have paying customers that keep the lights on, and we have a product that's found a niche market.

At the beginning of October, Kyle, Sunny, and I will come together and put the final touches on IronMic. We will knock out the last copy changes, tweaks to the code, and agree upon the marketing strategy for launch. We are flying to Chicago, where Kyle lives and work. While we are in the city to have fun and hangout, we are focused on using the time to work together on v2 of IronMic.

Screenshot of part of the IronMic v2 Homepage

What will IronMic v2 Bring?

As I mentioned in the previous blog post teasing version 2.0, we are bringing a few new features. We are also exploring new features that could help podcasters understand their audience online, provide more pages, and themes that appeal to more verticals.

We have also discovered IronMic is a perfect fit for a specific subset of users. We've found Churchs, sports clubs, and educational podcasters enjoy and are ideal for our services. While there are dozens, if not hundreds, of different topics you could talk about - we've noticed these verticals of podcasts excel with our services. They're often bootstrapped and getting them off the ground isn't backed with lots of money or the goal of becoming a professional podcaster. They're using the podcast to grow their congeration, share information, and strategize for the next big game.

Let us know if you're using IronMic to share news about your church, sports organziation or sharing knowledge with a podcast. We would also welcome anyone in Chicago to connect with one of us, we'd love to meet new people!