IronMic v2 Summer 2020 Update

IronMic v2 Summer 2020 Update

2020 is an maddening year. A lot has shifted, and a lot has changed since we launched IronMic in the Summer of 2018. For a period in late 2019 and into early 2020, we were thinking about shutting down IronMic.

We had customers, but we had hit a stall point with growth. We had consistent growth in podcasters previewing their website but struggled to convert them into paying users. Then as 2020 began, we started to see new podcasters sign up for the service. Many of the users who didn't convert weren't ready to "invest" in their podcast just yet. This is why we are offering podcasters a chance to reserver their free website.

We have a lot planned on the new v2 update:

  1. Privacy as a focus
  2. Stability improvements
  3. New Branding
  4. More customization
  5. New Plans and Pricing


We want to put podcasters privacy first, using apps like Fathom Analytics over Google Analytics. We will drop Facebook Chat for a chat system that doesn't track users or need a Facebook account to use. Overall, adopting privacy as the focus and doing away with intrusive tracking.  


IronMic is over two years old now, while have had little downtime over the past two years, we have experienced more issues pop up with the platform. Largely squashing the bugs before anyone notices. When v2 rolls out, we built it to help prevent these bugs and scale as more podcasters sign up.

New Branding

We launched v1 with a limited branding and no true logo. We had a custom font with our name, and we let that be our logo while we fleshed out the idea - the site and product launched with this limited logo.

Now, with v2 we are rolling out a new logo. We have teased it on social a few times. The logo will roll out when the new site launches later this year. See the new logo below!

New IronMic Logo


One of the most requested features is the customization of the IronMic podcast websites. We have new themes planned for the launch and have built the functionality to keep adding them as we go on or when users request new layouts. We are also adding functionality to allow users to add more custom fields, with contact us, about us, and other pages in our roadmap.

Plans & Pricing

Plans are changing in v2. We will roll out a new free plan and add more functionality that will raise the price of the current plans we offer. The changes won't affect existing customers; we'll grandfather those users into their current plans.

Launching Soon

IronMic v2 is launching later this year. We have been busy tweaking the copy, designs, and ensuring the platform can keep scaling with more users. We are building a roadmap of future features, and we've been talking to customers to understand what they want to see.

As more competitors have popped up we've looked at what we can expand and what other features we should bring to the front of our roadmap. If you're a customer and want to provide feedback - feel free to email us at [email protected].