IronMic v2: New New Look, New Themes, New Dashboard, & Privacy

IronMic v2: New New Look, New Themes, New Dashboard, & Privacy

IronMic v2 is coming out in later this year! It's an overdue project, something that got away from us.

What kept us working on it in the end were customers! New users kept previewing their website, and new users kept subscribing.

Before the launch, I wanted to outline all the updates. Sharing the feautres before launch feels better than suprising our customers with a ton of sudden changes, for better or worse.

What's coming with IronMic v2?

  • 🎙 Podcast.Page domain & Free Plans
  • 🆙 Stability of the platform is being improved
  • 🎨 We have a new logo and branding
  • 🛠 IronMic websites now have more themes
  • 📱 The dashboard for websites has a new UI
  • ✌️ MultiPodcast support is coming
  • 🔐 Adding Fathom Analytics and focusing on privacy  
IronMic v2 dev site


The biggest change with IronMic v2 is to the stability of the platform. When v1 was launch it was an MVP to validate the marketplace and see if there was demand for podcast websites outside of the host providers.

We've grown since launch, slowly but there has been new users month over month. We have some competitors which is a validator in any space. Kyle and Sunny have been working on ensuring the auto-updater systems stay online and scale with the new users we put on it. We've been fixing bugs as they pop up, but there are some that will be addressed with the large update of the system.

Podcast.Page & Free Plans

With the launch of v2, we will roll out new the new free plan along with the Podcast.Page domain. The free plan will have limited access to the platform for podcasters who are just starting out. Everyone will get access to the domain for sharing your site if you don't have a custom domain.

We will share more around the free plan as the launch gets closer.

New Branding

As I mentioned, IronMic v1 was an MVP. We didn't launch with much branding. We had a logo that was simply custom text. Now in v2, we are rolling out a new logo and branding. We still offer automated podcast websites, but just with a new sleek look.

New IronMic Logo

New Themes

The biggest ask from podcasters has been new ways to customize their podcast website. We are adding in new themes and expanding the ability to edit text. In the future, we plan on adding more customization templates. For example, you'll be able to change the colors of theme or add a custom header image.

New Dashboard

The dashboard where you manage your podcast has been updated.  We've expanded the dashboard to help users understand what they're editing. It's easier to access settings, manually sync your podcast, and update what content's displayed on your site.

Multi-podcast Support

We know podcasters often do more than one podcast. It's a feature users have requested a number of times. When v2 is rolled out, you'll be able to use one account to access and manage more than one podcast.

If you're running a podcast network or a host/guest on multiple platforms, you'll have one login and spot to access your website.


Privacy. It's important. We used Google Analytics when we launched, we collected a lot of data without even realizing it. We didn't and still don't have a use for this data. We also used Facebook Messenger for support chat and allowed the tracking of users without any clear consent in the process.

As privacy becomes a larger conversation online, we started talking as a team. We decided to not collect users data. We are switching to Fathom Analytics and SmallChat. I will share more posts abut why we switch and how we are committed to each users privacy.

Launch of v2

We are weeks away from launch. Sunny and Kyle are working on polishing the platform. I'm working on putting together the final launch plans - we're getting closer to pushing everything live.

It's an exciting moment. We've seen competitors show up, and customers reference the other "website hosts for podcasts" out there. It's validating to know the space is getting bigger. It's expected as podcasting is becoming more mainstream. Heck, Spotify is pushing into the area. We plan on contributing to keeping podcast space open and privacy-minded.

We've looking forward to this launch and sharing more details on each feature! Reach out to us on Twitter on @ironmicfm or personal Twitters.