Sneak Peak: New Dashboard & Designs in IronMic v2.0

Sneak Peak: New Dashboard & Designs in IronMic v2.0

August 2018, we launched IronMic on Product Hunt. In less than a year, we have made significant strides and grown our user base. We have gotten great constructive feedback on features and the design of IronMic. We've listened along the way, updating the site many times:

Now, we are working on making some of the biggest changes to IronMic. Along with the free podcast sites on the domain, we are working on revamping the whole dashboard.

v2.0 of IronMic is coming this summer

Kyle's focus with this refresh is to make the onboarding easier. Right now, we present you with a lot of information at once. Going forward, we will break it apart based on which section of the website you are tweaking, whether that is social accounts, host bios, or the podcast domain.

Version 2.0 of IronMic will roll out in late summer with a number of new features including:

  1. Free Podcast website with the domain (reserve your name now)
  2. The new cleaner dashboard with an on-boarding that takes you through all the steps
  3. New themes for paying customers. The free themes are going to be limited to the two we currently have
  4. Multi-podcast support, meaning you can manage all your podcast websites from one login

We are still in the early phases of this project. Kyle is still designing each page, tweaking functions, and looks. Sunny is working on the backend on a daily basis and giving Kyle feedback to build a a useful dashboard.

If you are interested in watching the progress or giving us feedback, you can watch Sunny code on Twitch. Also, follow us on Twitter, where we will share more sneak peeks and ask questions on what you might want!