How We are Focusing on SEO for IronMic v2

How We are Focusing on SEO for IronMic v2

I've written about IronMic v2 twice now, once giving a sneak peak and again giving a summer update. Between both of the articles, I talked about our marketing and focusing on SEO. The spark and focus for the SEO came after Kyle found an article about the Nomad list focusing on long tail keywords. The case study re-enforced how strong SEO can boost websites digital footprint without spending large amounts of money each month.

I know SEO is a vital piece to any marketing effort. I implement and focus heavily on SEO with each SaaS company I have the opportunity to collaborate on with marketing. While paid spend is a big part of their marketing effort, SEO often becomes a quick driver of signups and leads. For IronMic, we knew SEO was essential, but we missed the mark on version 1.0. The items we missed for SEO:

  1. Custom landing pages with a particular focus - i.e., Podcast Websites for Churches
  2. A blog - We didn't have a blog with the first version of IronMic until late into the game. Big Miss.
  3. Not Backlink Building - While we got coverage, we were not getting links back to IronMic when we guest blogged or were featured on other sites

What we are doing with SEO on v2

The first, arguably most significant, step is to research. We use the research tool SEM Rush to discover what our competitors are doing and what keywords they are ranking around. Our biggest challenge here is we don't have any active competitors that only do automated podcast websites.

SERP Tracking from SEM Rush

We obviously own IronMic on Google, but we have to contend with videos around "Iron Mic" and users who might search "Iron Mike." Now, we are tracking keywords for around 40 keywords we want to own. We have Ads on the keywords like "Iron Mike," "iron mic," and other variations that users could search.

To capture new keywords, especially the ones we want to own, we are doing the following:

Landing Pages

We are going to auto-generate landing pages with longtail keywords for phrases we know users are searching for to find our service. These pages will include topics such as "podcast website for my church," "podcast website for free," and even "free automated podcasting website."

These pages will also double as landing pages for our advertising. The pages will be optimized for page speed, content, and conversions. We will use the On-Page SEO checker from SEM Rush to ensure each page doesn't have errors or warnings.

More Blog Content

As I write this, I know we have to stay focus and motivated to write more content. I want to share our journey but also give each podcaster helpful articles on how to find studios, how to edit a podcast, and even how to get started. We're drafting a content calendar that's well thought out and provides value - we're not going to post for the sake of posting.

Podcasting Again

One of the areas we've slacked is with our podcast. The IronMic'd Podcast was meant to help podcasters, but we never focused heavily on it after the first few episodes. As Google started indexing podcasts and making the content more valuable, we've seen more find motivation for a podcast.

I am working on getting guests aligned and topics where we could offer unique views and issues. This is becoming my project as we have to dog food our product.


Beyond the basics around SEO we are trying more advance tactics like backlink building, trying to land featured snippets on Google, and covering more SERP space with web directories and images.

I will share the progress of how we improve our SEO. Currently, we have done little with the SEO efforts but we are taking it into account more.