How to become a Guest on a Podcast

How to become a Guest on a Podcast

Growing your podcast isn't easy. In fact, I believe it is the most laborious task related to podcasting. Even with traditional methods of marketing such as email lists, social media, and discovery networks like Apple Podcasts, you can struggle to grow your podcast.

If you're trying to establish yourself as an expert in your industry with a podcast, going on other podcasts as a guest will accelerate your growth. When you're on another podcast, those listeners are already listening to podcasts in the niche your an expert on, making them much more likely to subscribe to your podcast.

But how can you get booked on someone else's podcast? What if they've never heard of you? How can they trust you? How do you pick which podcasts to be a guest on?

Make a List of Qualifications

First step to getting booked as a guest on other podcasts is to list out your qualifications.

Here is a great template:

  • [Job title] with [number] years experience [what you do].
  • Strengths focus around [strength 1], [strength 2], and t[strength 3]. With these strengths, I have experience [list of areas of experience] and a proven track record of [successes].
  • Specialties: [List of specialties and unique talents.]

This template will help you share what you do, how you've been successful, and is the starting point for why you should be on someone's podcast. Once you go on a few podcasts, getting booked on other podcasts will become easier.

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Find Podcasts Looking for Guest

Finding podcasts that are searching for guest isn't difficult. There is no need to search through Apple Podcasts, reaching out to individual shows, or emailing hundreds of people. You can do this, and it is effective, but you will spend a ton of time emailing and finding the right person. Instead, I suggest looking at Podcast Guests, which is a newsletter/platform to connect podcasters with guests.

First, I suggest signing up for the newsletter. Every week the newsletter is packed with Podcasts asking for guests! They offer a range of different categories each week. They often have 12 or more podcasts that are seeking guest, and becoming a guest is relatively easy. You will fill out a Google Form (can use the template above) and the podcast host typically reaches out a few days later on whether they would like schedule time or request more information.

List yourself on Podcast Guest

The easiest and least time consuming method to get booked on a podcast is through listing yourself on the Podcast Guest Website. It starts at an affordable rate, but the premium tier lists you higher than others and ensures you will get people asking to book you on various podcasts. While this method costs money, it saves time, and I have found it to be quite useful for getting booked.

Small Note: We are not affiliated with Podcast Guest nor are we an affiliate. We do advertise on the platform but have seen/heard successful stories for using the service

Refine The Pitch

Refine the pitch you make to fellow podcasters. Don't beat around the bush when asking. If you make the ask clear and polite, you have a much better chance at getting booked.

I've noticed you've talked to other experts in (industry). I’m an expert on (expertise) and talk about it frequently on my podcast, (podcast). I would love to talk with your audience and share my knowledge and experience.

Some things you will need to consider:

  1. Scheduling is difficult for some podcasters, as they often record off hours or on days that you wouldn't normally work. Be considerate and try to work with them on the time and day to talk.
  2. Sharing your podcast and any videos of you talking with help anyone who might question if you'd be a good guest or not. You will be able to show them you can have a fluid conversation and have audio that sounds clear and crisp.
  3. Be ready to answer how you can help promote the podcast episode for the host.  You may need to blast your social media, share on an email, or even do an episode on your podcast talking about you being a guest on another podcast.

Final Thoughts

Not every podcast you try to become a guest on will respond or even say yes, but if you can book one or two a month, you will be able to grow your brand and your podcast.

You can cold email podcasters to become a guest, but the success rate will be limited. The way I outlined above will lead to being booked more often with much success than other methods.