Hello to simple podcast websites with IronMic

We Are Proud to Announce the Launch of IronMic. The Product Allows you to Easily Generate a Podcast Website in Minutes!

Hello to simple podcast websites with IronMic

My name is Leon Hitchens; I am one of the co-founders of IronMic. I run most of the marketing, advertising, and business affairs. My two partners, Kyle McDonald and Sunny Singh, are the better half. They’re an unmatched duo who took the better part of the past three months working on IronMic. Today, we are honored to release the product for everyone to use.

Go to IronMic.fm, view our example websites, and get started with a podcast website made in minutes.

IronMic Homepage

Why did we build IronMic?

We created and built IronMic out of our own needs. We have all dabbled in podcasting in one way or another. Sunny and I both have personal podcasts (Sunny Commutes and Leon’s Podcast). We were both hosting our podcasts on Anchor, a free podcasting and hosting app on iOS and Android. Every service we turned to build a simple podcast website either wanted us to host the podcast on their servers or required a lot of time developing the site through a page builder.

Then we started looking at how others did their podcast website; what we found was most people used Squarespace or didn’t have a site for their podcast. The second option, we felt, was a big disappointment. Creators know having a website for their podcast is essential, but they couldn’t afford the current options or didn’t want to spend hours building a website for their podcast on a Squarespace or Wix.


The biggest question any business gets is “how are you going to make money?” We thought about this from the very start. We are bootstrapping the business, covering most of the expenses through our personal funds. We knew we needed to cover server costs, maintenance, and continued development of the community.

As a result, we set our prices as fairly as possible. We set the monthly rate at $9.99 to cover the payment processing fees, account for churn, and still pay for our servers and other business fees. The yearly plan is $60, which comes at a steep discount as we can count on the server space being used through the year and we only have to process the payment once a year.


We are podcasters and creators too. We understand how it feels when you are committing time to a new project and feel overwhelmed with how much the “pro” tools are. We know however that you can be a pro and use the same tools that others who are starting out use. The prime example of this is YouTuber, Casey Neistat. He uses Anchor for his podcast, instead of turning to a “pro hosting” service. Why? Because Casey knows the Anchor tool comes with a community and offers more tools for free than any other paid service.

We want to help anyone hosting on any service build a community outside of their hosting provider, and build and efficiently manage their podcast site. With IronMic you can set it and forget it. You can focus on interacting with the community and recording more podcasts!

We are also launching a Facebook Group for our members to have open discussions, share their podcast, get support from our team, and suggest new features. Our users know the tools and features they need, and we can help by providing them with the tools that work.

Wrap Up

We want to help podcasters create websites in minutes, instead of paying hundreds of dollars a month for podcast and website hosting. We believe you can find the best free podcast hosting with services much like Anchor. We want to make podcasting as affordable and efficient as possible — A website is the first and most significant step towards establishing a clear and prominent brand for yourself.

For everyone signing up today — Welcome! We are excited to listen to your podcasts and hope you join us on Facebook.