Edit more on IronMic

Edit more on IronMic

Control more on your podcast website with content editing features

It’s been three months since we launched IronMic for the general podcast. We are continually getting feedback and users suggesting improvements to the service. This was the reason why we rolled out the ability to hide the IronMic branding from the website.

Now, we have heard cases where users were updating their show notes, podcast episode titles, and podcast names through their podcast host. Before we rolled out the ability to edit, anyone who made a mistake or needed to make a change to their notes on IronMic couldn’t edit them. Now, we have added the edit feature to edit the episode whether you need to add more content or fix a typo. You will need to update on the podcast host whether it’s Anchor or another option and the IronMic website.

How to edit podcasts now

Editing is now easy and will expand as we continue to push updates and hear feedback. To edit a page, you need to:

Login to IronMic -> Press Preview -> Navigate to an episode -> Press Edit Episode

We will continue to push updates out based on requests and feedback from customers. We have a ton of updates planning and in the process of being pushed out. To help continue getting feedback and to keep users informed on the product updates, we will publish a public roadmap in the coming months.

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