Announcing Free Podcast Websites

Announcing Free Podcast Websites

We are working on something big, and you can be a part of it early! We are announcing free podcast websites on the domain. These are IronMic powered websites on a free subdomain - the websites are completely free included with the domain and IronMic branding. You can reserve your name today for free! For example, I have reserved and others have already started reserving their names.

Reserve your podcast website

Why are we doing this?

Since launch, we have wanted to make podcasting easy and reduce the barrier to share your shows online. We have added more automations to help create your podcast website as quickly as possible. Making it easier to share your podcast with friends and family, without having to guess what player or platform their on is important if podcasting is to stay open and free.

We believe having a website that includes links to all the podcasts players allows you to grow your listener base. Not everyone needs a custom domain, the ability to remove branding, or more advanced features when starting out. These new free websites, when they launch, will allow you to start sharing your podcast online for free.  When the website is paired with Anchor, anyone could start podcasting for absolutely free.

What are the benefits of a website

Having a website has a few positives for a podcast.

  1. You can easily share your podcast with links to every podcast player option that is popular on Android and iOS.
  2. Having a website means being able to rank for Google on your own terms. No worry about Anchor, Apple Podcasts, or another player ranking number one for your site.
  3. Grow your brand on your own terms. You can link to your social media for both the podcast and your hosts.
  4. Setup with IronMic sites can happen in minutes. No need to post new show notes or update your site. It's easier than designing something on Squarespace or maintaining a WordPress website.

Hosting your website with IronMic means you can focus less on the website and more on creating new episodes. To see what a website would look like preview Sunny Commutes on IronMic.

Reserve your spot for a free website or upgrade to the paid plan for a the ability to use a custom domain! Use code "FREEMONTH" for the first month free.